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Maitreyi Prajna is my dharma name which means the Spirit of Eternal Friendship + Wisdom.

Having taken refuge and Bodhisattva vows in 2004 under Guru Kulavadhuta Satpurananda I started the journey of Buddhist Psychology, or knowing my own mind.  It was not easy initially, and in all honesty for many years, but I can tell you with practice and perseverance things do get better!  

Residing with Guru and sangha for ten-years in the Indian Himalayas of Sikkim it was a further blessing to participate in education with the local school children ages 4-12, developing as a teacher. 

In 2015 I returned to the USA and spent three years at Tara Mandala as cook and kitchen manager.   After three years I went into 49-day retreat and asked for my life's purpose to reveal itself, or at least the next step in the journey.  I remembered that I was instructed to study Psychology.  My alignment as a matter of course was with Buddhist Psychology. 

In 2018 I began my Psychology Master's degree at Naropa University.  I graduated in 2021 with a Master's of the Arts in Clinical Mental Health, concentration in Contemplative Psychotherapy/ Buddhist Psychology. 

In 2021 I began work with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health and continue to serving there in a community mental health setting.

Currently you can find me living a relatively simple life in a cozy cabin in an old gold mining town in the foothills of the Rocky mountains high above Boulder.

Some of my interests include wild foraging (mushrooms, etc),  herbology cooking, music and poetry.

Humbled and grateful to my parents, teachers, mentors, supervisors and most especially to my Guru, who continues to encourage and guide me along the Path of knowing my own mind and that of Buddhist Psychology.

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